Saturday, May 2, 2015

April 13th

Wow, it has been two transfers already!! My trainer is leaving me. I get another companion tomorrow and I will find out where Sister Kinneard is leaving next. The other day, we were looking at the interactive pamphlets that the church has and we said that these are the modern day flip charts. 

We have 3 baptisms coming up in the next 6 weeks, very exciting!! I'm not sure I'm ready for Sister Kinneard to leave yet, but we will do whatever the Lord asks of us. If he thinks I am ready, then I am ready. We have seen a lot of miracles lately, and we even saw a rainbow this week!!! 

The guy in the purple shirt is Sandor and he is from Europe and he is in the Newberg 2nd ward! He is one of the best people I have ever met!!
The guy in the blue sweater is our investigator named Quentin! He turned 91 last week! He is amazing and we're sad because he is moving tomorrow!
This is Sister Kinneard and I and Sister Natalie Masse, her parents are "technology" missionaries here in the mission and she just got back from serving a mission in the Philippines!


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