Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Easter!!

We had a mini-missionary this last week! Sister Cheyenne Forest from Albany, Oregon! We had a blast! She put in her papers almost 2 weeks ago and is now waiting for her call! Sister Forest and I took our 91 yr old investigator: Quentin to the temple! It was great! He is going back to Arizona in a week though.

We had an amazing Easter dinner with a member in our ward. She made lettuce wraps and they were so good!! Then she gave us about 50 cookies that she had wrapped for us to give to our investigators. We got to deliver them on Easter! 

We also got to watch Conference, which was fantastic! The first session of conference we watched with one of our investigator families! Conference weekend is the best!

We had a missionary meeting yesterday about technology, so we got to have preparation day today instead. The Family History Center was open today but when we got here, their internet was down. So I unplugged the router and plugged it back in and then plugged in another wire that was unplugged and voila' all better! Yesterday, I helped two different investigators fix their tvs too! It sounds amazing, but I really just unplug stuff and plug it back in and it works for some reason. I love being helpful though and I'm grateful for the many opportunities I have been given to serve others!  

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