Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Last. Crazy. Week.

At about 10 at night I got an email from Sister Martin, unfortunately I didn't check my email until midnight but I got this email...

                         My mission president gave me permission to email right now and I sent
 an email to mom, but I don't know if she is awake or not..... Will you let her know that I have emailed and to check it? Thanks! I love you. Email me when you get this. I have maybe 5 minutes.

 Sister Kelly Martin

And then during the regular scheduled Monday Pday time, this was sent out.

                          Hello, so this week has been crazy. On Thursday, we got a call from President Samuelian during our daily planning session. He told me that he felt prompted to look at the departing missionaries for the next two months and he noticed that my date to leave was in the middle of the transfer. So he called and told me to think and pray about going home in 5 days or 47 days. Well after a sleepless night, I received the answer to go home. Things have been crazy but good since then. Sister Ure will be teaching a new missionary here in Willamina! I will be home in 2 days. 
We have seen so many miracles since then. I know that my father in heaven is so aware of me. I am grateful for all that He has given me, especially my family. You have all been so supportive of me. Thank you so much. I love you! See you on Wednesday!

Sister Kelly Martin

Zone Pday in Lincoln City

We hiked Cascade head today. I ate some salmon berries, A.K.A. golden raspberries. Today was quite fun! I love you all lots!

Sister Kelly Martin

I love pictures like these!!!

Miracle of the week.

Finally words this week! -Stacy

We went to go contact a referral given to us by other missionaries and we couldn't find the address. We stopped at a house and a couple looks the address up on the computer and they couldn't even find it, but they found a similar address. We went there and talked to a little boy who didn't know the guy we were looking for. How mom came out and didn't know him either. She asked what church we went to and we told her that we are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She said her husband was a member, so he came out and we talked to him. He gave us information to get his records transferred into the Ward and he is going to let us practice teaching the lessons on his family! No one is a member but him and they have 5 kids. We are so excited to teach them. I love you all!

Sister Kelly Martin

They are giving these away as birthday presents and I won't be here
for my birthday but I really want one! (OSM Temple Recommend Holder)

All pictures for the GRAND PIX.

On this day, I literally only got pictures, but they're AMAZING pictures! I'm jealous that I'm not there in Oregon surrounded by the beautiful scenery!!!

Literally my favorite picture!!! #shockedface
Let's call it "Act-like-you-just-got-your-mission-call!"
Not sure if this is appropriate to say, but I'm going to say it anyway..... "#photobomb."
(That was it.)



Trying to be a Sister Martin. ;)

Most likely the BEST picture in this email!! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Last week of transfer!

We got to go to the temple last week! We also had interviews with President Samuelian. Sister Ure and I were the last two regular interviews that president will ever do as mission president. Next transfer is zone zonference and then my last transfer, I will get a new mission president halfway through and he will do all of the interviews. On our way to our interviews, we just barely left Willamina and the the gas light came on! I totally forgot that we needed to get gas! We made the 20 minutes to the gas station in West Salem where our interviews were but in the mean time, I was worried that we were going to run out of gas on the highway and that we would be late to our district meeting/interviews.

We have a baptism this week! Our 11 year old investigator is getting baptized. Her grandpa will baptize her.

President has invited all of the missionaries to focus on strengthening their faith in Christ.

Not much else is going on but I love you all very much!

Sister Martin.


Friday, April 22, 2016



There are 100 days left of my mission... Wow! 2 weeks left of the transfer and then 2 more transfers left. President and Sister Samuelian have less time with me.

Sister Ure and I got to go to the temple visitors center! This week we have really seen how we are often in the right place at the right time. It has been amazing!

We were running late to dinner one day and as we were driving, we saw someone we were teaching and we got to talk to her. Another time,, we were on our way to our coordination meeting and we saw a guy who volunteered at the food bank with us and we got to talk to him. We walked up a hill to see someone in our area book and they weren't home, but we talked to a member who recently moved into our ward. Then at the visitors center, we saw a member from Sisters than I knew, 2 people from Newberg and Sister Clark!! It was amazing!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!

Love, Sister Kelly Martin

Send letters to:

Oregon Salem Mission
700 Deborah Rd. Suite 260
Newberg, Oregon 97132


Sister Ure and I will be staying in Willamina for another transfer. We have much to be learn from each other still and we are excited for a chance to be able to do so. This week was the best week of missionary work that either of us have ever had. We have seen so many miracles!

A lady called the church this week and someone answered the phone and she told them that she was looking for a church and they told her what time church was and she came! We will teach her this week!

Also a lady we have been teaching went to church for the first time with her granddaughter! We were so excited!

A huge thank you to my family for sending me an Easter package filled with candy and Easter eggs!

Stacy!!! I was so excited to get an Easter egg from you and that it
had the beads I gave you to fix. Thank you so much!!!