Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 8!!

April showers bring May flowers! (March isn't even over yet... ~Stacy)

I keep getting told to soak up the sun because the rain is coming... 

We had a baptism on Saturday into the Dayton YSA Ward!! It was amazing!!!! Sister Kinneard and I both spoke at his baptism and we had an investigator come to the baptism. The next day, we invited the investigator to the confirmation in the YSA ward and he came to that too!!! He is thinking about getting baptized! He wants to be able to baptize his son and daughter too!! Our 11 year old investigator is going to be baptized on April 25th!! 

We have seen so many miracles lately and lots of tender mercies from our Heavenly Father! Sister Kinneard and I were reminded about the importance of fasting this week. She fasted for a specific family and the the next day, they texted us and asked what ward they were in and what time it was at!!! They came to church this week and they were 20 minutes early!!!!! I fasted that we would have progressing investigators, who would come to church and keep their commitments, we'd only had about 1 each week. This week we had 5, it was amazing! I love you all so much! Thanks for the letters and support!

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Free cone day at Dairy Queen!
Sister Martin's Favorite!!

Weakness into Strengths

This week was amazing! We taught 18 lessons, which is pretty fantastic! We saw so many miracles every day, even when our appointments didn't work out. 

I feel like I have changed so much since I've come on my mission. I have realized so much about myself and my habits that I didn't know and it has definitely been a growing experience. Sister Kinneard and I have a lot of great conversations before we go to sleep. We have been role playing a lot as well. 

I am still trying to get over my fear of talking to random strangers. One of the things that I have studied a lot lately was our purpose for being here on earth. We knew that we were going to be tried and tested and that this life is a time for us to prepare to meet God. 

Ether 12:27
 27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

Heavenly Father gave us weaknesses so that we would turn to Him and He would make them become strengths. Our weaknesses can only become strengths when we rely on Him and act in faith! I have been blessed with so many weaknesses and even more blessed that I am able to recognize them. I am so grateful to have a loving companion who helps me! And a savior who loves and cares for me and helps me to become stronger!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Trial of Faith

Well this week was definitely a trial of our faith. We were barely teaching one lesson a day and no one we talked to was interested. We had lessons cancel on us. Some of our new investigators stopped answering the door. 

It was a really challenging week. We had exchanges this week. I went to Salem with Hermana Gifford and Hermana Meise. Everything outside of the apartment was in Spanish, except for a lesson that we had at the end of the exchange. That exchange was definitely less eventful than the one on my mini-mission where I found out that I am allergic to cashews and had to go to Urgent Care. 

On Saturday, we met two people who were very Anti-Mormon and they were really rude and as far away from Christ-like as you can be. It was very challenging but it also increased my testimony. 

Saturday night, we were almost done but we decided to visit one more family. We put in the address and on the way over there we realized we had put in another family's address. We went anyway and it was really good. The Dad was baptized 10 years ago, his wife isn't really interested, they have 3 kids and the middle daughter was very excited. She wants to go to church sometime and they let us come back over on Sunday. When we went over there, the mom was sleeping and the dad wasn't really showing a lot of interest either, but the kids wanted to let us come in. We taught them about prayer and how we lived with our Father in Heaven before we came to this life and how He is the father of our spirits and He loves us. We also showed them the video Earthly Father, Heavenly Father on lds.org. It was an amazing lesson. The kids live with their other parents so we can go back and teach them in 2 weeks. We had 2 other amazing lesson like that on Sunday and we were able to teach about missionary work in Gospel Principles. 

Even though the week started out hard, we were rewarded after the trial of our faith. What an amazing principle from Ether chapter 12!

Ether 12:6
And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.

Pray Always or Always Pray

The power of prayer: Last P-Day, we went to Fred Meyers (Target) and I wanted Taco Bell, but I didn't say anything because we were in a hurry. Later that day, our dinner appointment called and told us to meet them at Taco Bell. I hadn't prayed to Heavenly Father about wanting Taco Bell, but he was aware of my needs and my desires and he granted them. It was amazing!!

On Tuesday, I asked Sister Kinneard if we could make a milkshake in 7 minutes. She said sure and so we put everything into our blender and went t

On Wednesday, we were going to take an investigator to the temple with a member and the member canceled last minute, so we just had a lesson with him instead since we couldn't find anyone willing to take us. It was a good lesson anyway.

On Sunday, it was an overwhelming day. We got a text before church asking us to teach the gospel principles class, which is in the chapel and we also taught the Laurels class. 

Our week was really good! We are practicing the lessons with a less-active family. It is going well for them. 

I asked Sister Kinneard if we could make a milkshake in 7 minutes. She said sure! So we put everything into our blender and went to put it on the machine and realized that it had been leaking and we had milk all over our table. We had to borrow a blender from someone. We finally got one and made our milkshakes. 7 minutes, right? HA! Nope! Try 27 minutes!