Monday, November 2, 2015


Well a lot has happened this past week. This weekend is Halloween! It just happens to be Sister Clark's and my favorite holiday!!! Unfortunately we have to be in early.

We saw a lot of miracles happen this week. One night we had two near-death experiences- well I did. We were driving to our dinner appointment and it was near dusk. A car coming in the opposite directions flashed their lights at us. I checked my brights and they weren't on and then I see two deer alongside the road just as we drive by them. What a close call. Then at dinner we sit down and we have a casserole that looks like lasagna. They are a very health conscious family so I knew that there would be no meat or dairy in it. I figured I wouldn't ask any questions, I'll just eat it. We all get dished up a piece of lasagna and my companion asks what's in it. It is eggplant instead of pasta. My companion says good because we are trying to eat  healthy and the family goes, "that's great because there isn't a lot of fat in here, it has a handful of cashews." That stopped me "dead" in my tracks, just in time. I remind the family that I am allergic to cashews, so I got to try clam chowder instead. It was actually really good!

Sister Clark's package got broken into at the post office. Her parents sent her winter boots and clothes and a cook book and half of it was stolen! We picked the package up and noticed that it was kind of light for winter stuff and opened it and then went about our day. A few hours later, Sister Clark noticed a letter from her mom that happened to mention all of the stuff that was in there, only most of it wasn't in there. We spent a good hour on the phone the next day with the post office.

I have most of the Proclamation to the World memorized by now. It is amazing how often lines from the proclamation are called to remembrance now.

Love you guys!

Halloween week was so much fun! We got to go and visit some of the members in the branch that we don't see very often because we knew that they love Halloween. We had a branch trunk-or-treat and almost all of the kids from primary came. Our friend, Heather, and her two young kids came. We were able to show them around the church. Heather is going to be baptized on November 21st! We are really excited!

Sisters does a Halloween parade the day before Halloween for all of the elementary kids to trick or treat in a safer environment and with their parents. We got to help one of our less active members pass out candy. It was pretty great! Sister Clark and I both love Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Just kidding! I actually dressed like a pioneer!
We're speaking this coming Sunday. Our topic is Jesus Christ and we're going to talk about missionary work of course. Wish me luck!