Monday, May 25, 2015

4 months in!!

This week was great! Being able to skype my family was awesome!!!! Sister Williams got to skype with her family and her brother in England! 

We "heart attacked" members in our ward for Mother's day! Two of the houses, we got caught at! The first house we got caught at was actually the house of some potential-investigators. Their son goes to scouts and their daughter is a daisy girl scout! A dog barked as we were approaching the door, so we backed up, and waited about 15 seconds and then approached the door, the dog didn't bark. Instead the door opened and we were caught red-handed! She said what are you doing? We said nothing, she said as she looked at the hearts in our hands, do you want me to close the door? We said yes. So she laughed and closed the door. W heard her daughter say who was that? She responded no one was there. She is great! The next one we got caught at, they never use their front door and their screen door was locked. It was the mom's birthday as well as mother's day. We decided to put the hearts on the window instead. So we got to the window and we started to put the hearts on and we looked inside the house and we saw the husband looking straight at us and we froze and then we started to put the hearts on quickly and of course his wife was standing next to him and she turned and looked and saw us putting the hearts on there! As we were running to the car, she came out and said with her awesome accent: I love you girls with all my heart! We also put some hearts on President and Sister Samuelian's door. When we saw them today at the mission office, they said someone had "graffiti'd" their house. Haha! 

What a wonderful week! We had a lesson with our recent convert Brianna, one of her friend's sat in on our discussion of the Word of Wisdom. We were playing a game of is this good or bad to do... One of them was excess piercings, like tongue or eyebrow or belly button and Brianna's friend, when we said it was bad said that no one told her mom that it was bad. Kids are so precious! Sister Williams was with Sister Mower on exchanges and she learned this quote about faith: "Faith isn't something you demonstrate to get what you want. It's what you demonstrate no matter what you get."


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