Thursday, January 29, 2015

Back and There Again

Well, what a busy week it has been here in Oregon! I took my first flight from Ontario, CA to San Francisco, CA and then I met a family named Bueler and they were going to Salt Lake from Hawaii. Their vocation was over. Bro. Bueler teaches art at BYU. They wished me luck as I flew from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon.

Half an hour before we landed the pilot said that it was really foggy and we might have to fly to Seattle instead. Well, thankfully we landed in Portland. The first person I met was President Samuelian!!! Then I met Sister Summers, she was the only sister that came from the MTC. We had 8 elders who came to Oregon as well! We took pictures together at the Portland Temple!

Then we drove to the beach and we discussed our mission scriptures: Helaman 5:12 and D&C 6:34. They both talk about building upon the rock which is the theme and symbol for the Oregon Salem Mission.

After an exhausting but wonderful day, we slept at the mission home in Newberg. The next morning we had some training and then we met our trainers and were given our area and told to go to work. I received the best trainer ever!!! Sister Kinneard! She is from Mesa, Arizona and she is such a great example to me! She is compassionate and kind and obedient!! I am excited to be with her for the next 3 months!

I am the designated driver for our car, which is a little scary but the the speed limit is 25 everywhere out here and the drivers are so nice. No one ever honks their horn at each other and they are very patient. We have something in our mission car called TIWI (we think is stands for The Incredibly Wicked Instrument [wicked as in bad] ). It tells you if you are speeding or stopping too soon. You have to log in every day and if you don't, it lets the mission office know. If you get too many notices then you lose your privilege, hence why I am driving.

Well, it has been a great week! We have seen many miracles this last week! There will be pictures to come!

Monday, January 19, 2015

There and Back Again

Well almost, I went to the MTC in February and then I came home from the MTC because I tore my ACL. Two surgeries later and many, many physical therapy appointments later, I am finally going back out to the Oregon Salem Mission! There have been many things that I have done in the last year while I have been healing.

Sister Martin and her two friends who picker her up from the airport
At the airport ready to go!
Sister Martin and her Companion Sister Carlson 
Temple day with her all sister district in the MTC

What a beautiful view of the temple and Sister Martin
Sister Martin's District and one of her teacher's Brother Wynn

Note from Elder Bednar's talk
Note from the custodians

The other half of Sister Martin's Zone

Sister Martin served a mini mission in Hemet after she came home from the MTC and while she was waiting for her surgery which didn't happen until June!

Sister Martin and Sister Anderson
Kelly and her new companion in Hemet: Sister Anderson

At the Bishop's house for Easter Dinner

Sister Martin and Sister Anderson taught this family and they were Baptized.

Here is Kelly right before surgery, She read a whole book while waiting!
This is Kelly's leg all wrapped up!
The bandage has come off!

 Kelly got to go to her brother's High school graduation, she was there when he swore in to the Marine Corps, and she got to be there when he graduated from boot camp!
Family Day at MCRD!
Scott has graduated from Boot camp. He is a Marine


Kelly and Stacy playing chess at the beach
Trip to Idyllwild with Stacy, Erik, and her parents!

Ward Halloween party! Oh no, two Slyherins and only One Gryffindor!

The Family at the Mesa Temple!!

Kelly got to go to Stacy's last year of Girl's Camp!
Kelly and her hammock
Kelly was here for Jessica's homecoming

Kelly had a second surgery to remove scar tissue! 

On our trip to Iydllwild we found a cool Marine flag!

Kelly's knee has reached a functional range of motion and she now gets to go back on her mission to the Oregon Salem Mission!! She leaves this coming Wednesday the 21st of January. She has worked hard for this moment!

Send her letters to:
Sister Kelly Martin
Oregon Salem Mission
700 Deborah Rd Ste 260
Newberg, Oregon 97132

Her email is