Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Leaving Newberg

Transfer calls came this Saturday. We had gone over to Abrams for dinner and all of them were talking about how the Lord isn't going to take me away from Newberg too. Sister Williams is leaving so they will leave me and then the next sister missionary will take over the area after I leave. President won't send 3 missionaries in to take over the area. Well, I've experienced white-washing (2 missionaries come in and take over an area) twice now (Hemet and Newberg). Elder Adams gave me a blessing and I was able to be calm for the rest of the evening. We had to be in by 7pm and we did our weekly panning and then by 9pm rolls by, we get a phone call from our district leader. He tells us that half of our district is leaving. Then he says "Sister Martin is getting a new companion" and then I relax because I think that  mean I'm staying. He then says, "Sister... Martin is leaving too..." I felt like it was going to happen, but I hoped that I would get one more transfer here. Now I have to pack all of my stuff and prepare the go to the transfer meeting tomorrow and I will get assigned a new area and a new companion.

This morning was our last time at Vista Balloon adventures. Pierre, the owner gave us 4 certificates to give away and he told us when we come back to visit, to give him a call and he'll let us and probably a friend go up for free! He rocks! And definitely one of the best bosses ever, no nice and generous. Everyone there was always positive and encouraging, even when they were correcting our mistakes. I never felt scolded or lectured. Everything that was spoken was to lift others up and encourage them and not tear them down. It was such a great place to volunteer. We made so many friendships!

The only constant thing in this world is change, I felt change in the air and now it is here. Time for new adventures and new relationships. Alma 37:37 and Proverbs 3:5-6 are all about change and trusting in Him. The Will of God is one of my favorite videos. He is the gardener and He knows what He wants us to be. I want to say to Him: "Thank you Mr. Gardener for loving me enough to cut me down."

We gave her our first hot air balloon flight certificates! She was so happy!
We did a lemonade stand on Wednesday with the primary president in Newberg 2nd

At the Temple's Visitors Center

We made strawberry jam with cerrano peppers with a member. It was really good but really hot!

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