Thursday, September 10, 2015

Zone P-day

Today, we had zone p-day! We were going to explore some lave tubes outside of Bend. So we went to the stake center in Bend and we waited for everyone to show up and then we headed out. It was hard to find parking for some of us, so we waited for all of the other missionaries to find parking spots. Two cars pulled up and rolled down their windows and said "Look at all the Mormon missionaries!" They were people from Newberg!!!!!! It was go great to see them! Their priests and teachers came to spend a week in  Bend and everything worked out perfectly.

The caves are pitch black and we probably would have walked by without noticing each other. There is a mission prep class for the stake that happens once a month and they were all invited to go out on splits with us! So next week they get to practice what they were taught!

Photobombed!! [Just kidding! I think those are just some elders]

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