Friday, April 22, 2016


Sister Ure and I will be staying in Willamina for another transfer. We have much to be learn from each other still and we are excited for a chance to be able to do so. This week was the best week of missionary work that either of us have ever had. We have seen so many miracles!

A lady called the church this week and someone answered the phone and she told them that she was looking for a church and they told her what time church was and she came! We will teach her this week!

Also a lady we have been teaching went to church for the first time with her granddaughter! We were so excited!

A huge thank you to my family for sending me an Easter package filled with candy and Easter eggs!

Stacy!!! I was so excited to get an Easter egg from you and that it
had the beads I gave you to fix. Thank you so much!!!

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