Thursday, June 18, 2015

Transfer 4. Week 1. Day 1.

Sister Williams and I get to stay for one more transfer together! It is Sister Williams last transfer and there is no better place to spend it than here in Newberg with me! :)

We are very excited to stay! We thought we might be in a trio. Sister Williams thinks that I will train next transfer so that I will be here for at least 6 transfers. Time will tell. So we found out early on Saturday. The AP's called us and said they have some things they want to tell us. "The first thing is that you both are leaving." Sister Williams said he is joking, then he said, "you both are leaving" and my mind started racing a mile a minute, thinking of all of the things we need to do to prepare our area for new missionaries! Then Sister Williams said he is totally kidding and then he said, "yeah, I'm messing with you." I wanted to hang up on him so bad, I'm surprised I didn't.

Anyway, they are giving us 2 sister missionaries from the Mexico MTC for a day on Tuesday. We are going to take them to visit our investigator. Speaking of whom, we stopped by his place yesterday to invite him to a ward bbq and softball game.  We were talking to him and we said, "Oh, by the way, they caled us and told us that we were both leaving Newberg." He was pretty upset, he said, "they can't take you out of Newberg yet. We got him so good! We told him we would be here for the next 6 weeks and he was surprised at how short a time that is.

We had a lesson with another guy! He got baptized a few weeks ago. We let him and his older sister be the missionaries and we got to pretend to be them. We did such a good representation of them! We were getting in each other's space and irritating each other just like they do in a normal lesson. So Norris has this ball called a Bubble Wubble Ball. Sister Peter, Sister Williams, and I were playing with it as we were pretending to be Norris and Maddie. Well, we accidentally popped it and Norris seemed to be pretty upset about it, his mom was able to calm him down. Thankfully his Bubble Wubble Ball has a lifetime guarantee. They just have to send it in and they will send him a new one. The thing that was so funny to us was that if we were the missionaries and they were themselves, the ball still would have popped.

We went to see one of our investigators and he was showing us his birthday present for his 10 year old son. It was roller skates, but you put your show in them and there are 2 wheels in the back and one in front. We got to try them out for him. They are really heavy and then he tried them out too. It was pretty hilarious! 

We had a bbq and a softball game with a few families in the ward. We had a blast! Sister Williams was going to play softball in college before her mission. She would still like to. Anyway, I like playing with baseballs better than softballs. I feel like they are easier to hit and throw and they go farther! So we were playing of course. I've never really played before, so I was third baseman and was terrible at it. We mostly let the little kids bat and the parents were catching. Anyway, the parents would occasionally bat, on one such occasion, one of them members who likes to joke around was running to third base and I totally got him out. Well, he knocked the ball out of my hands and then continued running/ Well, I picked the ball up and tossed it at him and it was kind of a lob so it went up in the air a little bit and it hit him right in the back of his head. We were all laughing, himself included! (So I think its okay, lol.) Don't worry, it was an accident, I threw it, but did not expect it to hit him. It was a perfect throw too!

Well this week was fantastic! Hopefully we'll have more stories next week!

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