Thursday, April 9, 2015

Week 9!

This week, Sister Kinneard and I have been focusing on sanctifying and consecrating and purifying ourselves to the Lord. It has been hard work, but we've seen amazing changes in ourselves and the work already! 

We watched the movie Legacy with one of our investigators on Friday. We talked about the pioneers and how they were persecuted for their beliefs and then we talked about the Restoration of Christ's church! It was amazing! She is trying to quit smoking and she asked if she could receive a Priesthood blessing to help her, so the next day we brought the couple from our dinner appointment and Bishop Haupt and his wife and their daughter and son-in-law and they gave her a blessing! It was amazing! The spirit was so strong in her apartment  at the time. She came to church with us the next day!!! 

We've been telling everyone about the video #BecauseHeLives, the words at the end are my favorite!! 

We had our interviews with President and Sister Samuelian on Wednesday! They came to inspect our apartment and we passed with flying colors! Because our apartment is so small, we each got to take a walk around the block with President for our interview, it was great! We are getting a mini-missionary tonight! Sister Forest will be with us for a week! We are borrowing a bed from the ward YW President: Sister Freeman! We will pick Sister Forest up tonight! We're super excited!! 

I have been thinking about this short little video that I remembered seeing a while ago about a man who bore his testimony and it was plain but powerful! I couldn't remember anything else or where to find it, but sister Kinneard has a Doctrine and Covenants video guide with lots of church movies and clips on it and it was on there!! The clip is short and it is called: A Man Without Eloquence. This is the link to it on LDS.ORG    The summary says: "The testimony of a humble teacher helps Brigham Young become converted to the restored gospel." You should watch it and if you haven't seen the new Easter video that came out on Saturday: Because he Lives, you should do that too!!!


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