Monday, January 18, 2016

T. 8


I have only 5 transfers left after this! President Samuelian told the zone leaders that he has been seriously thinking about taking away the mission cars, He thinks our mission would be more successful. He has encourages everyone to get out of our cars more. So this  week we did. We walked over ten miles. It has been below 40 almost everyday. I wore a pair of boots one day and they were not made for walking. Unfortunately I need to retire them this week. We bundle up everyday before we go outside. I'm totally a Cali girl! Still not used to the cold!

A member gave us some knit hats! I love them!! We have zone conference this Wednesday! We helped the youth in the Sisters branch find over 200 names to take to the temple this week! They had so many names that they couldn't actually do all of them! I'm learning of the importance of genealogy each time.

Not much else to say! I love being out here on my mission! I have had great range of motion in my knee for a long time now! I am so thankful for that!

Love ya! Have a great week!
Sister Kelly Martin.

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