Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Last week before another transfer!

I've been out for 8 months now!! Almost halfway! This next transfer marks the halfway point!

On Wednesday, Sister Miller got to go to the temple. Sister Hanna was my companion in Sisters since her companion was also going to the temple. (Missionaries in our mission get to go to the temple with the mission president and his wife the week before the end of their mission.) Sister Hanna and I went to activity days. We got to talk about the articles of faith. 

On Thursday, during our weekly planning, Sister Miller hot a sharp pain in her abdomen and we went to the fire station first and they recommended we go to the hospital and check it out. So after talking with Sister Samuelian, we went to the hospital and spent 4 hours there. They couldn't figure out what it was, but they said it wasn't life threatening, so they released her.

On Friday, we had a district meeting in Redmond and then we had to wait around for another meeting. The sister training leaders were supposed to come an hour early, but they overslept. We spent an hour worrying about them, their companions had the phones. 

Then on Saturday, at 12:30, the phone beeps and she looks at it and says, presidents calling. And I say no he's not, and she says I'm not kidding and she answers it and my heart started pounding so fast!! President extended a calling to me from Heavenly Father to train. This next week is going to be a whirlwind. Sister Miller and I have now memorized a fourth of the Family: A Proclamation to the World. It is an amazing document. The women's broadcast on Saturday was amazing. Lots of amazing revelation from Heavenly Father, The proclamation about families was given at a relief society conference 20 years ago.

At the relief society broadcast, there was a lot of really delicious food! We might have stacked our plates high with food!!!
Glad they're being fed well! :)

I will be training a brand new missionary in Sisters!!!! I'm really excited!! What advice do you guys have for me??
         Tell her to write down everything you say!! ;) 
(The Best Two Years)
     Elder Rogers: Yeah, I guess that's okay. But check with me before you write anything down I've said.
     Elder Calhoun: Should I write that down?
     Elder Rogers: Yeah.
     Elder Calhoun: Okay.

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