Tuesday, October 20, 2015

9 months!!!!

Has it been 9 months already. Time has flown by! I still feel like a greenie!

We had a return missionary and his dad (a high council member) and his mom speak in our ward yesterday. Each one gave a great talk, but the one I remember was from the mom. She ran her second marathon last week. She practiced and prepared for her marathon. She found a pacer, which is someone who has experience at marathons and they get a certain time so if you stick with them, you can achieve that time too. Well, on the day of her big race, she skimped on breakfast, nerves and all. Well, by mile 10, she was doing great. Her pacer was encouraging everyone and motivating them to keep it up. Then they started up a 5 mile hill and after 2 miles, she could feel that her energy was burnt out, she slowed down and eventually lost sight of her pacer.  Then doubts started to creep in, thoughts of "Why am I doing this?" "I hate running" "I need new shoes" "I am never going to run again" and just when she thought she was going to give up, she came to an aide station, where the volunteers were encouraging her and cheering her on! At mile 25, she saw her family and they encouraged her!! She made it to the finish line and felt accompanied, yet disappointed in herself, because she knew she could have done better. Yet because of one simple mistake, skimping on breakfast, she got a slower time.

Well she related running a marathon to life. We each chose to come to earth. We prepared for this, we learned and we were excited when it was our turn. Heavenly Father gave us a pacer, someone to show us the way and encourage and motivate us along the way: Jesus Christ. We knew that if we followed our pacer, we would be happy. At times it gets rough and we start to doubt ourselves and our pacer and our coach. We want to give up. Then we get to an aide station and we are given the nourishment and encouragement we need. The thing is, we all cross the finish line. Will we be excited and glad and proud of our accomplishment, or will we be disappointed because we knew we could have done better. I hope we are glad and we celebrate with our families.

I love you all! Love, Sister Kelly Martin

P.S. I met a new missionary and she said that she actually read my blog!!! Thanks Stacy! Keep up the good work!!!

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